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Understand the complexities and dangers of avalanches

Avalanche Awareness

Avalanche Awareness

A full auditory, visual, and kinesthetic experience enables your students to maximize understanding of this subject.
The Rocky Mountains are a world-class destination for winter recreation. With that being said, there are numerous safety hazards that need to be understood and considered before any backcountry winter travel. Our Avalanche Awareness program educates students in snow science to help them understand the complexities and dangers of avalanches.

This program is combined with a Snowshoe Adventure.
- All Ages/Abilities
- Mountain Travel
- Certified Guides

We offer a full auditory, visual, and kinesthetic experience for your students to maximize understanding of the subject at hand. In addition to studying Snow and the cause for Avalanches, students will have the opportunity to learn Avalanche Search and Rescue techniques in a simulated environment. Fill out a form below and let’s get started on planning your next Avalanche Awareness program for your students.

*Please note: this program is not conducted in Avalanche Terrain, nor is it designed to prepare students for heading out into avalanche terrain on their own.

This program is designed as an introduction into the plethora of intricacies of backcountry winter travel in a mountainous environment. We encourage and recommend anyone who would like to become a recreational user of mountain snow terrain to take accredited courses such as the Avalanche Skills Training courses, administered by the Canadian Avalanche Association.

Rates & Availability

  • $44 Per Student
  • Teachers and Parent Volunteers are free
  • Minimum 18 participants, Maximum 45
  • Program cost includes snowshoes and avalanche gear
  • Program does not include transportation

Please call 403-242-8725 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book today, or fill out our inquiry form:

Inquiry Form

Everything you will need

Recomended Packing List

Students must carry ALL items on the trail
  • Snow Gear
    Snowpants, Winter Jacket
  • Winter Gloves
  • Winter boots
    Good hiking boots work as well
  • Hat
    ( Toque / Buff / Bandana )
  • Backpack
  • Water
    (Minimum 1 Liter)
  • Extra Clothing
    Midlayers, gloves, hat
  • Spare Socks
  • Bagged Lunch
    Extra snacks are always nice!
If you have any additional questions about what items to bring on your snowshoe adventure please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training do your guides have to have?
Our guides are your adventure specialists and are trained to competently and confidently make your experience a fun and safe success. Guides are trained in wilderness first aid (80 hrs) in order to respond to any situation that might crop up. Our professional outdoor leadership skills will mitigate many of the risks that are inherent to playing in the mountains. All of our guides have university degrees in outdoor leadership and ecotourism as well as accreditation with the Outdoor Council of Canada (OCC) or the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). Guides are also certified and registered interpreters through the Interpretive Guides Association (IGA), giving you access to knowledge about topics like glaciers and geology, local floral and fauna, and regionally history to further enrich your adventure. Check out our guide profiles to learn more about our amazing staff!
What is COA’s safety policy? How will participants be safe on a program?
Our number one goal here at COA has been and always will be your safety. No matter which program you attend our guide team will ensure yours and your student’s safety. While there are certain risks involved in some of the activities you may choose to participate in our guides are certified advanced adventure medics, so you know you are in good hands. All COA staff have been trained with our emergency plans. All guides carry a group sized first aid kit, tarp, bear spray and high frequency radio for communication. On top of this, all lead guides carry a satellite phone if needed.
Who supplies meals during COA programs?
Food is to be supplied by the teacher or students. COA is not responsible for providing or cooking food for clients. COA supplies kitchen needs such as stoves,cooking and cleaning equipment.
How big are your program groups?

Company of Adventurers strives for group intimacy. We always keep hiking and activity groups at or below 15 per guided group. Classes will be divided into smaller groups and paired with their own guide. Our total minimum class size is 18 and the maximum class size is 45. 

Does COA supply bussing to and from program locations?
COA does not supply transportation for teachers or students. Teachers will be required to book and pay for their transportation.
Where do you run your programs?
COA is based in Calgary, Alberta and has been offering programs since 1990. Due to our proximity to the mountains, we are able to run programs in Kananaskis country, YOHO-Banff- Kootenai National Parks, as well as the Kettle Valley Region. We also offer a variety of at-school programs and inner city programs if this suits your needs better!
What kinds of activities are offered during a COA program?
Our outdoor based programs offer a variety of learning experiences on programs. We offer hard skills such as; shelter and fire building, knot tying and tarp set up, and winter and summer survival techniques. On top of this, all members of the COA guide team are Apprentice interpreters or Professional Interpreters with the Interpretive Guides Association. This allows for countless teachable moments along the trail and during a program.
What should I bring on a program?
Please review the gear list section on our website. If you have already signed up for a program, you will receive an itinerary and gear list in your email for your program.
Does COA operate year round or just during the summer?
COA is ready to get outside with you no matter the season! All year round COA is here to facilitate your educational adventure in the Rockies. Check out a list of our programs to decide which season you’d like to experience the mountains.
I don’t see any programs that suit my needs. Can I book a custom program with COA?
Of course! We’d love to design the perfect educational program for you and your group. The sky is virtually the limit! Please contact us directly to discuss and create your custom adventure today!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.