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Time alone to reflect


Creating new outdoor experiences for our participants is something our guide team is always experimenting with. Out of all the outdoor games, interpretive moments, and programs we facilitate and design, one of our favorite experiences that we include in every program, is to run a Solo experience.
The solo is designed to isolate each individual in nature so they can be alone with themselves, nature, be bored, and hopefully have insight to the value of being immersed in the great outdoors.

The main reason why we love running solos on each program is to allow participants to have alone time to reflect. In today's society of instant gratification, often we don’t get a chance to have true alone time away from others, electronics and distractions. The amazing insights and thoughts that we hear from participants when they decide to share during a debrief can often be tear jerking! It is amazing to us how fun and enjoyable everyone finds this experience!

How To Set Up A SOLO Experience:

  • Set the scene
    Let the participants know when and what will happen prior to the solo and after. Explain the intended purpose to be as transparent as possible. Ask the participants to focus on themselves, their senses, become quiet and understand the purpose of doing something like this.
  • Isolate
    Try to use an outdoor space that makes each person feel alone. Try to keep all friends out of eye sight from one another and hopefully give each participant a natural view to ponder.
  • Start Small
    1-10 minutes is a great amount of time to start with. We find the younger the participants the shorter the solo typically is. If you are able to run another solo, try longer the next time.
  • Debrief
    This is the most important part of the experience as a facilitator. Do your best to create a safe sharing space and allow individuals to share(if they want to!). Ask purposeful questions to allow them to connect, share, and to be comfortable with their peers. Such as; What did you think about? What is the value of the outdoors? Will you share this experience with friends/family? Do you think friends and family could benefit from coming outside?
I truly encourage facilitators to incorporate a solo activity into every outdoor experience if possible. We have run this activity on in-city programs as well as deep in the backcountry, and the value is always present. The value that is added to individuals outdoor experience because of these solo events is nearly impossible to match with any other activities. The bonds participants gain with nature, themselves, and one another is quite astounding.

Have Fun and Get Outside!