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Road Scholar
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Road Scholar programs provide a range of activity levels, and each program is full of learning that highlights the very best of our landscape.

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Road Scholar
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What better way to teach students about the outdoors than to be in it! We offer a variety of fun, safe, and educational trips from single day to multi day excursions, all of which can be customized to your needs.

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Road Scholar
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You can choose to hike, bike, ski, snowshoe, climb, mountaineer, or canoe for a day or multi-day trip! Join us for a hands-on approach to learning in an intergrated program that is informative, challenging, innovative and fun for everyone.

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Cross-Country Ski Program

Experience winter in Kananaskis Country as part of our popular cross-country ski program. Students are divided into small groups with experienced instructors for effective learning and lots of fun. Quality ski equipment is provided for all participants. The day starts with instruction in ski technique and safety information, followed by a ski tour on the trails where we continue to develop skills suitable to each group’s ability level.


We will also highlight winter ecology, habitats, and wildlife as we ski along the trail. Our program sites at Kananaskis Village and Pocaterra Centre offer a variety of groomed trails for all ability levels, heated lunch areas, and indoor washrooms. Ski equipment is complimentary for teachers and volunteers. Transport is available on our warm and comfortable bus.


Snowshoe Adventure

A truly Canadian way to travel through our winterwonderland! Snowshoeing is easy to learn and allows us to travel in areas that are inaccessible to skis. The new generation of snowshoes are easy to use and have bindings that will fit virtually any type of winter boot. There are a wide variety of great locations to choose from.


On every snowshoe adventure we take time to learn about the habitats and ecosystems we travel through as well as the wildlife and flora found there. You may wish to combine snowshoeing with a Winter Camp or Avalanche Awareness program. Program fee includes instructors and snowshoes.


Avalanche Awareness NEW!

The Rocky Mountains are a spectacular place to visit for winter recreation, but there are certain safety precatuions that need to be taken into consideration before heading out. Our Avalanche Awareness program can be incorporated into the Snowshoe Adventure to teach students about the complexity of avalanches and snow science. This program will cover the basics of avalanche information and teaches students that there is a lot more to learn! We will also go over the basics of snow science by digging snow pits, examining snow crystals, measuring snow temperature within the snowpack, and discussing how snow science relates to avalanches. Students will have the opportunity to use probes, beacons, avalanche shovels, and snow study kits.


Please note that this program is not conducted in avalanche terrain, nor is it designed to prepare students for heading out into avalanche terrain on their own. This program is designed as an introduction and a stepping stone to the wealth of knowledge needed to travel in avalanche terrain. We encourage anyone who would like to become a recreational user of snow terrain in the mountains to take accredited courses such as the Avalanche Skills Training courses, administered by the Canadian Avalanche Association.


Winter Camp

For the adventurous, winter camping is a great way to enjoy thesnow season. The surroundings are spectacular, there is a whole new world to explore, and there are no mosquitoes! We will show you the science of snow, how to make camp comfortable and warm, how to build a snow shelter and emergency winter survival techniques.


Custom programs that include hostel overnights, multi-night camps and trips that include cross-country skiing and / or snowshoeing are also available. Please ask us for details and special package rates.