Spring & Fall Semester

Wildland Overnight

A Wildland Overnight trip is the perfect way to cover the basics and prepare for longer trips. Here is an opportunity to develop important wilderness camping and survival skills with our experienced guides. Students will learn how to build their own shelter, cook meals and start a fire. Our guides will help students understand and practice low impact camping techniques. Everyone will learn how to be bear aware and avoid potentially hazardous situations in bear country. The trip also encompasses local ecology education and a ton of games and fun activities.

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Wildland Overnight Estimator

Estimated Cost $100.00


We want to show you pristine valleys, crystal clear lakes, alpine meadows, secluded mountain trails and spectacular landscapes. Join us for a backpacking adventure that will create memories for a lifetime. There are a wide variety of trips to choose from and we will design a trek specifically for your group, taking into account ability levels and desired trip length. Students will learn about local ecology and wildlife, low impact camping techniques, bear awareness, and backcountry safety and navigation.

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Backpacking Estimator

Estimated Cost $100.00


Come and experience the wildlands on a hike with our guides. Our foothills and mountains offer an extensive variety of trails to challenge all levels of adventurers. Students will be divided into small groups and head out with their guide on an adventure suited to their ability level. Along the way, we learn about the ecoregions, habitat and wildlife of the area. Join us for mountain vistas, sparkling streams, fresh air and the reward that comes from a great adventure.

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Hiking Estimator

Estimated Cost $100.00

David Thompson Adventure

Come explore the historic David Thompson country this spring or fall. Hike, bike and climb your way along the great explorer's footsteps. Get in touch with this area's rich natural and cultural history. Our base camp is in the middle of the Kootenay Plains and we will explore the surrounding area in small groups, each with a professional guide. Students will ride the Glacier trail along the North Saskatchewan River, hike the surrounding trails, and climb directly behind camp! This trip is a 4-day adventure filled with activities, games, learning, and lots of fun. Phone us for more details and book soon, as these trips fill up quickly!

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David Thompson Adventure Estimator

Estimated Cost $100.00

Kettle Valley Railroad

Once an important piece of BC’s southern interior mining industry, the Kettle Valley Railroad now gives mountain bikers access to an absolutely stunning part of the province. The tracks and ties have been replaced with a well graded multi use portion of the Trans Canada Trail. The many trestles and tunnels on the KVR are a dramatic reminder of an era gone by, when railways tied a young country together across vast tracts of wilderness. Today, restored and upgraded for safety, these impressive structures provide for some exciting riding! Groups should allow 5 days for the tour, which includes travel time to and from Calgary. Longer tours are possible if desired; please call us for details. Company of Adventurers provides guides, tents & stoves, campsites and a support vehicle to transport bikes and shuttle gear


Kettle Valley Railroad Estimator

Estimated Cost $100.00