Boom Lake

Boom lake trail near Lake Louise is a heavily trafficked trail both during the summer and winter. It presents very good opportunities for snowshoeing as the trail is well kept. This trail is rated moderate by, which usually means that it is fairly easy with kids that are above 10 years old.


That being said, you can definitely carry a hiking carrier for your child.

 Boom Lake 3

You can get to this trail from Calgary in about 2 hours, around 180km. This trail is right off of 93, about 5 minutes after exiting highway 1. It can get pretty crowded during the summer months and hence we recommend arriving early at this highly frequented trail.


It is a start-to-end hike, meaning that you will have to backtrack your way to the start once you reach the end. As per the mile marker, the total length of the hike is about 11 to 12 km right up to the Boom lake. The trail starts off from the parking lot, with a small wooden bridge, to the right of which is the information area for the trail. You can expect a slight gain in the first few kilometers but the trail is well paved and maintained. There is a bigger gain toward the mid-section of the trail but again this is easily manageable.

 Boom Lake 2

Most of the trail goes through the forest and during the rainy days, some spots on the trail can get muddy. Caution must be exercised when hiking with kids on this trail. The rocks at the end of the trail, near the lake, can get slippery and must be walked over carefully. On the flip side, when the sun is out and beaming, you can actually go across the rock slide to a small peninsula and break open your food packets and get some rest.


Boom lake at the end of the trail is the actual prize for walking the 12km. The wooded trail opens up in the end to this magnificently beautiful, open vista lake which makes the end magical. There may not be a lot of photo-ops along the way, but the lake at the end will quench your thirst no doubt.

 Boom Lake 4

This is a particularly awesome trail for bird lovers, nature educationists, and parents who want to teach their kids a few things about botany. This trail also allows pets on a leash.


There are washroom amenities at the start of the trail, and there is a lodge about 5 minutes from the parking lot. Along the way, you can pick up some snacks and coffee off the highway and pack yourself some nutrition bars for the hike.


This trail can get muddy and hence we recommend wearing hiking boots. During the winter, this is a beautiful trail for snowshoeing and cross country skiing and hence you must dress appropriately. Layer up with a jacket and gloves, and some glove warmers (just in case) and you are good to go.


This trail offers an amazing opportunity for junior high students to experience the magnificence of the Bow valley. Along with that, there are a lot of hiking related elements like safety, survival, compass reading, foraging, cooking that we explore while on this trail. This helps students connect with nature and also connect their curriculum with the real world. The laws of nature, physics, chemistry etc. can all be included in these hiking packages.


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